A multifunctional full body fitness program that emphasizes developing inner core strength. Innovative exercises were engineered using the foam roller, combined with fundamental movements utilizing the kettle bell, with a new breathing technique, produces an incredibly powerful, fun and different training experience.

Builds balance & stability. Increases flexibility & hip mobility. Improves posture & fundamental movement patterns. Escalate sports performance & steps up fitness level. Just to name a few.

The new “Double Exhale Contract Activate Breathing Technique” is Designed to stretch, strengthen and educate on the essential but under acknowledged part of the core, the Psoas muscle.


“Very few workouts deliver what they promise but ever since I started doing the B2/P2 CORE TRAINING my body has changed. I can honestly say I apply my new form and breathing technique to not just my workout but to other physical activities as well. Nothing is more exciting than seeing progress and nothing is more addicting than this B2/P2 CORE TRAINING”. Laura - 29

“AB-SOLUTE-FUSION® B2/P2 CORE TRAINING hits muscles I didn't know existed. I walk better and even feel taller because of the power I feel. It's all about balance, posture and breathing. My upper body and legs get a workout also, the strength I feel is immeasurable”. - Mike 56

"Being a mom of two toddlers leaves me little time but the AB-SOLUTE-FUSION® B2/P2 CORE TRAINING has put me in the best shape of my life while getting a bonus massage at the same time!” - Stefanie 33

"As a woman of a particular age, I was reluctant to try the new B2/P2 CORE TRAINING but it proved to be a perfect fit. An aching back and balancing issues-good reasons to try a new exercise strategy. So I tried the B2/P2 concept and gained improved posture, better sense of balance and release of tension and tightness in my lower back. I love the new innovative workout strategy of the B2/P2 CORE TRAINING. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.” - Carolyn 73

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